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Jasmine Taylor at her desk smiling, waving, and wearing an Adventure Time t-shirt


My journey into tech began in 2022, reigniting a spark from my early days of creating engaging Myspace experiences. Prior to this, I spent over five years as a licensed Massage Therapist, where I honed my skills in empathy and problem-solving, helping clients navigate through some of their most challenging times. This experience instilled in me a deep understanding of the importance of human-centric design and service.

Today, as a Full Stack Engineer, I specialize in creating intuitive and impactful digital solutions. Whether it's developing innovative software or collaborating on cutting-edge projects, my goal remains the same – to leverage technology to solve complex problems and improve lives.

When I'm not coding, you can find me playing video games with a kitty in my lap, watching horror movies, rewatching Abbott Elementary or bouncing on my mini trampoline.

If you’re on a path to tech, transitioning careers, or looking for a collaborator who brings a blend of tech savvy and human empathy, let’s connect!

Technical Skills


HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Express, React, Node, TailwindCSS, MongoDB

Software & Tools

Visual Studio Code, GitHub, Git, MongoDB Compass, Cloudinary, Postman, Canva


OOP, Scrum, Agile